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What is Student Affairs Academy

The Student Affairs Academy is a professional development opportunity offered every two years to staff within the Division of Student Affairs. This three and a half day training event provides participants with an understanding of the philosophy, values and theories that are important in the profession. The Academy provides participants the opportunity to discuss ways to apply these foundational theories in their day to day work responsibilities. The Academy is also a forum where participants can ask critical questions and develop a cohesive understanding of student affairs as a profession.


Student Affairs Academy Planning Committee Members

  • Chair: Carey Anson
  • SAMC Liaison: Carl Porter
  • Andrea Curtis
  • Angela McLean
  • Ashlee Reese
  • Jayson Stokes
  • Jennifer Grandi
  • Noel Wilkinson
  • Rebecca Tierney
  • Ruth Stubbs
  • Savanna Grotz
  • Tara Peris
  • Roxanne Holbrook