Textbooks & Alternative Formats

Services for Students with Disabilities can provide textbooks in alternative formats for qualified students.  The process outlined below is designed to conform to relevant copyright laws and various textbook publisher rules/guidelines.

Procedure for Requesting Books In Alternative Format

  • The student must be registered with Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) and qualified to receive books in alternative format.

  • The student must be registered for the current semester.  Along with the SSD request form (which may be acquired from our office), proof of purchase of materials must be shown for all books requested.  A current semester schedule must be attached to each request. Please note: SSD cannot start processing any book request(s) until the student has provided proof of purchase of any book(s) being requested in alternative format.

  • The student must make sure all request forms are filled out completely and accurately. Failure to do so may delay the student’s initial request.

  • In most cases, students who have previously established eligibility for books in alternative format will receive a letter from SSD reminding them that book requests are due and informing them of the semester deadline for submitting requests.  Requests must be turned in by this due date or SSD will not be able to guarantee availability for the semester.

  • If the book requested is not currently available in alternative formats, the student must provide a copy of the book to be read or scanned.  The student will be notified if this is required for one or more of their textbooks.  The following procedure is required whenever a textbook (or any other course related materials) must be read/scanned by SSD:
    • The student must provide a copy of the materials to be read/scanned.  Such items are usually dropped off at the SSD office but can also be delivered by mail or FAX.

    • Whenever textbooks must be scanned, the binding of the book will be cut and removed.  This is required to facilitate the scanning process.  Books will be returned with a plastic, spiral binding.

    • Expected time required to convert textbooks to alternative formats is up to 6 weeks from the time a request is made.  Damaged books may require as much as 8 weeks and SSD will not be able to guarantee the accuracy of the converted material.

    • In many cases, it is possible for the student to receive portions of the converted text during the scanning process.  These arrangements can be made with SSD.

  • Failure to follow these procedures may result in the delay and/or unavailability of books in alternate formats for the semester.

Student Responsibilities

The student will be notified via phone and/or email to pick up the materials once completed. If a student consistently fails to pick up their materials, SSD may discontinue providing the service. Service will resume when student initiates another request using the process above.  If a student experiences any problems with the materials provided by SSD, the student should contact SSD immediately.

Our Commitment

When the above procedures are followed, SSD will provide the requested books in an alternative format in a timely and efficient manner.  While every effort will be made to insure accuracy, SSD uses an automated process to scan most materials and errors may occur.  When difficulties do arise, SSD will work closely with the student to address their concerns and alleviate any problems with the materials provided.  

Updated June 2011