Test Accommodations

Testing accommodations can take a variety of forms, but this usually a routine accommodation SSD provides for eligible students. SSD has several rooms dedicated specifically to providing a quiet, comfortable testing experience. Accommodations vary from student to student and are based upon each individual’s specific needs. In order to receive any accommodations, a student must first establish eligibility. Please refer to the Registering with SSD information on the Policies & Procedures section; any and all accommodations provided through SSD must be supported by documentation.

Examples of Test Accommodations

  • Extended Time*
  • Quiet Testing Area
  • Private Testing Area with Minimal Distraction
  • Ability to Use “Spellcheck” Technology/Devices
  • Scribes
  • Word-processors for Essays
  • Adaptive Technology for Computer Based Exams
  • Facilities to Accommodate Service Animals (i.e. Guide Dogs)
  • Monitored Test “Breaks”
  • Adjacent Restroom Facilities
  • Availability of Permitted Beverages (i.e. Water)
  • Access to Required Medication or Other Medical Aids**
  • Alternate Keyboards and Input Devices

* Extended Time usually means “time and a half”. For example, some students are authorized to have 1.5 hours on a test that would otherwise allow only 1 hour. However, in some instances, “double time” may be authorized if warranted by certain disability issues and/or the format of certain exams.

** Students are permitted access to prescribed medications (or certain over-the-counter medications) where appropriate. This may include other types of medications or medically necessary items (such as asthma inhalers or blood-sugar testing devices).

Test Administration Procedures

The following Test Administration Procedures must be followed by the student and employee to insure the security and validity of all tests administered by this department. Any deviation from these procedures must be reported immediately to the program Director.

  • All tests given by or proctored by Services for Students with Disabilities must be picked up and returned by an employee of this department. Individual instructors may also pick up and deliver exams if they choose to do so. Under no circumstances are students permitted to pick up or return exams unless accompanied by an authorized employee.

  • Whenever possible, tests should be picked up and returned on the same day they are to be taken. When test materials are located in any of the campus testing centers, the materials will not be picked up until after the student arrives to take the exam. Such tests must be completed by 5:30pm and immediately returned to the testing center.

  • Students must schedule for all exams at the Ogden Campus at least 24 hours in advance of the time requested to take the exam. Other facilities, such as the Davis Campus, require at least 48 hours notice.

  • Unless specified in writing by the instructor, students are not permitted to have notes, books, calculators or other materials in the testing room while taking the exam.

  • Office personnel will periodically perform a sight check on students taking exams.  This procedure is necessary to insure test security and to assure faculty that all tests are being administered in a fair manner.  Please note that testing rooms may also be monitored by camera.

  • Test Readers are to act only as "eyes" for the student and are not permitted to add or delete material to or from an exam (unless an obvious "typo" is identified). No information can be inferred through body language or voice inflection.

  • Students taking an exam are required to complete the exam in one sitting unless arrangements have been made before the exam is taken. No student will ever be allowed study time to prepare for a portion of an exam that the student has already seen or heard.

  • All test materials will be kept in a secure file cabinet in the testing coordinator's office. Only authorized personnel have access to the keys for this cabinet.

  • Cell phones, pagers, PDAs, and other devices of this nature are not permitted in the testing rooms.

  • Restroom breaks are highly discouraged except in those unique situations where required as per an authorized accommodation. Please use the restroom prior to beginning any test.

  • All tests administered by this department will be accompanied by a receipt. Student and course information will be documented on this receipt, plus the time and place that the exam will be picked up and dropped off. The receipt must be signed by the individual who receives the exam when it is delivered back to the department, instructor, or testing center.