QL Substitution Request Due To Disability

Please Note: The following procedures apply only to students who are requesting a substitution for the Quantitative Literacy requirement due to a disability

Important: All students requesting substitution due to a disability must register with Services for Students with Disabilities. Requests for substitutions based upon disability are evaluated as requests for accommodations and subject to the same policies and procedures as any other accommodation request. Eligibility for accommodations must be assessed before a substitution can even be considered.

ATTENTION: Deadline for Fall 2014 has passed. The next committee meeting will be in April, 2015. Actual deadlines and dates will be posted here when available.


QL Substitution Process

Demonstrate a "Good Faith" Effort

Students are required to attempt one or more math courses at WSU before a substitution can be considered. Further, students should be able to demonstrate a “good faith effort” and such courses must be completed with a letter grade other than a UW, W, or I.  Students who assert that this requirement is unreasonable due to the type and/or severity of the disability must include a statement to that effect in the substitution request. Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) may require additional documentation or evidence to support this assertion.

Register with SSD

Students requesting a substitution for Quantitative Literacy (QL) due to a disability must submit the request in writing to the office of Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD). Documentation of a disability, as per SSD procedures, must be provided to the office before any course substitution can be considered.

Prepare Your Request: The following should all be completed or gathered before submitting your substitution request to Services for Students with Disabilities

  • Put the Request in Writing: Prepare a detailed explanation stating why the substitution is necessary. In most cases, one page (or less) is sufficient and the request should never be more than two pages maximum. Include in this statement a description of any impact the disability has on your ability to be successful in college level math. Provide any information which is relevant to the request, including issues which may not be related specifically to any disability.
  • Gather Required Materials: In addition to the written request, the following materials are also required:
    • Math placement letter/report (ACT scores are acceptable);
    • WSU transcript;
    • If existing documentation is insufficient to identify or determine any math related limitations, SSD may required additional disability documentation.
  • Gather Supporting Materials: This may include but is not limited to any of the following:
    • Letters from tutors, instructors, or therapists;
    • High school transcripts;
    • Transcripts from other colleges, universities, or trade schools;
    • Math test results;
    • History of prior substitution(s).

Submit Your Request to SSD: Your request for a substitution of the Quantitative Literacy Requirement for General Education can now be submitted to Services for Students with Disabilities.

Submit QL Substitution Request to SSD OfficeThe written request for substitution, transcripts, placement results, and all support materials must submitted to the Director of SSD.  If disability documentation is not already on file, the substitution request cannot be considered until the student has provided the necessary documentation and registered with SSD. The request should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the next meeting of the QL Substitution Committee (scheduled meetings will be posted to the SSD website). In general, this committee will meet in late October and the middle of April each year and no more than once per semester.

If granted, the substitution applies only to the QL General Education requirement. The substitution will not apply to any prerequisites or other requirements of any course, program, or degree beyond QL/General Education for WSU.

Wait 15 Days for Committee Decision: Approximately two weeks after the committee meets each semester, the student should receive a written notice of the committee's decision along with a pre-approved list of available substitution courses.  If the substitution request is approved by the QL Substitution Committee, the committee will provide a list of pre-approved courses which may be applied as substitions for the QL requirement.

Complete All Substitution Courses: Depending on courses previously completed, grades received, and current math placement/course level, the student will be asked to select as many as three (3) individual substitution courses. The student must select from the list of pre-approved options and submit the identified classes to the Math Department.  Previously completed courses may be considered for substitutions. Students will have at least one year to complete necessary substitution courses. If more than one year is needed, students may request an extension through SSD.

Notify the Math Department: Upon completion of the courses, the student should contact the Mathematics department to have the QL approval applied to the student’s academic record and General Education requirements. It is important to remember at this time that the substitution applies ONLY to the QL requirements for General Education and for no other pre-requisite or major or minor courses. 

If a request for a substitution is denied, students may appeal the decision to the office of the ADA Coordinator.

Additional Support & Information

Developmental Math
Lampros Hall 104
Phone: 801-626-7451
Email: devmath@weber.edu

Mathematics Department
Lind Lecture Hall 231
Phone: 801-626-6095
Email: math@weber.edu

Student Success Center
Student Services Ctr. 140
Phone: 801-626-6752
Email: studentsuccess@weber.edu

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