Student Success Center - Scientific Inquiry

Scientific Inquiry (SI) Requirement
(Required for catalog years prior to 2011-12)

If you are working on a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree you will need to complete two or more courses totaling a minimum of six (6) credit hours over and above general education requirements that emphasize scientific inquiry through either experimental, analytical or statistical methods. These courses will address the formulation of hypotheses, the collection of data and the empirical testing of theories through analytical or laboratory inquiry, or will address quantitative methods (taught at a level that requires quantitative literacy).

You may not use a given course to satisfy both the general education requirements and the above requirement for the Bachelor of Science; however, certain courses used to complete a program of study (major, minor, support/elective) may be used to fulfill the Bachelor of Science requirement. 

Following is a list of courses approved to be used to fulfill the Bachelor of Science requirement. 

You should consult with an advisor before selecting general education courses.

College of Applied Science & Technology SI Courses

AUSV SI1320-SI1362 Specialized Electricity and Electronics 4
ATTC SI4220 Capstone Project 2
CS SI1022 Software Development 4
CS SI1023 Selected Programming Language 4
CS SI1400 Fundamentals for Programming 4
CS SI1410 Object Oriented Programming  4
CS SI2420 Introduction to Data Structures & Algorithms 4
CS SI2650 Computer Architecture/ Organization 4
CS SI3050 Object Oriented Analysis & Design 4
CS SI3750 Software Engineering 4
CMT SI2330 Concrete Technology 3
CEET SI3010 Advanced Circuit Analysis I 4
MFET SI2300 Statics and Strength of Materials 5
MFET SI2410 Quality Assurance & Improvement 3
MFET SI3310/L Material Selection & Heat Treat and Lab 4
MFET SI4300 Design of Experiments 2
MFET SI4600 Manufacturing Simulation 3
TBE SI4710 Traffic Technology & Voice Network Design 3

College of Arts & Humanities SI Courses

ENGL SI3010 Intro to Linguistics 3
COMM SI3150 Communication Research Methods 3

John B. Goddard School of 
Business & Economics SI Courses

BSAD SI3500 Intro to Business Research 3
IST SI2110 Software Development I 3
LOM SI3500 Computer Models/Applications 3
LOM SI4410 Materials and Inventory Management 3
LOM SI4600 Simulation 3
QUAN SI2400 Business Calculus 3
QUAN SI2600 Business Statistics I 3
QUAN SI3610 Business Statistics II

Jerry and Vickie Moyes College of Education SI Courses

CHF SI3850 Current Research Methods in Child & Family Studies 3
HLTH SI4013 Health Promotion Research and Assessment 3
PEP SI3500 Kinesiology 3
PEP SI3600 Measurement for Evaluation & Research 3
EDUC SI4530 Principles & Applications of Special Education Assessment 3

Dr. Ezekiel R. Dumke College of 
Health Professions SI Courses

CLS SI3302 Advanced Clinical Laboratory Practices I 4
CLS SI3314 Advanced Clinical Chemistry 3
DENT SI2230 Oral Health Research & Statistics 2
DENT SI4780 Baccalaureate Thesis 3
DMS SI4143 Quality Assurance 3
HIM SI3200 Epidemiology & Biostatistics 3
NUCM SI4333 Quality Assurance 3
NRSG SI3020 Nursing Research 2
NRSG SI3030/SI3031 Nursing Assessment Across the Lifespan with Clinical Experience 2/1
NRSG SI4800 Guided Research  1-3
RADT SI3443 Quality Assurance in Radiology 3
RADT SI4943 Baccalaureate Thesis 3
RATH SI4446 Quality Assurance 3
REST SI3900 Clinical Simulation Seminar 2

Honors Program SI Course


Perspectives in the Physical Sciences 3

College of Science SI Courses

BTNY LS/SI1370 Principles of Life Science 3
BTNY SI2104 Plant Form and Function 4
BTNY SI2114 Evolutionary Survey of Plants 4
CHEM PS/SI1050 Intro to General, Organic & Biochemistry 5
CHEM PS/SI1110 Elementary Chemistry 5
CHEM SI1120 Elementary Organic & Biochemistry 5
CHEM PS/SI1210 Principles of Chemistry I 5
CHEM SI1220 Principles of Chemistry II 5
CHEM PS/SI1360 Principles of Physical Science 3
GEO PS/SI1030 Earthquakes & Volcanoes 3
GEO PS/SI1110*
and GEO 1120* 
* Dynamic Earth:  Physical Geology
* Physical Geology Laboratory
* both of these courses must be taken before a student receives credit toward the B.S. degree
GEO PS/SI1130 Intro to Meteorology 3
GEO PS/SI1350 Principles of Earth Science 3
GEO SI3010 Oceanography and Earth Systems 3
MATH SI1210 Calculus I 4
MATH SI1220 Calculus II 4
MTHE SI3060 Probability & Statistics for Elementary Teachers 3
MTHE SI3070 Geometry for Elementary Teachers 3
MTHE SI3080 Number Theory for Elementary Teachers 3
MTHE SI4040 Mathematical Problem Solving for Elementary Teachers 3
MTHE SI4100 Intuitive Calculus for Elementary Teachers 3
MICR LS/SI1370 Principles of Life Science 3
MICR LS/SI2054 Principles of Microbiology 4
PHYS PS/SI1010 Elementary Physics 3
PHYS PS/SI1040 Elementary Astronomy 3
PHYS PS/SI1360 Principles of Physical Science 3
PHYS PS/SI2010 College Physics I 5
PHYS SI2020 College Physics II 5
PHYS PS/SI2210 Physics for Scientists & Engineers I 5
PHYS SI2220 Physics for Scientists & Engineers II 5
ZOOL SI1110 Principles of Zoology I 4
ZOOL SI1120 Principles of Zoology II 4
ZOOL LS/SI1370 Principles of Life Science 3

College of Social & Behavioral Sciences SI Courses

ANTH SI3400 Archaeological Laboratory Techniques 3
ANTH SI4300 Anthropological Research Methods 3
CJ SI3600 Criminal Justice Statistics 3
CJ SI4980 Research Methods in Criminal Justice 3
GEOG PS/SI1000 Natural Environments of the Earth 3
GEOG SI4050 Quantitative Methods in Geography 3
GEOG SI4990 Research Seminar 3
GERT SI3400 Methods of Research:  Social & Behavioral Research 4
GERT SI3600 Social Statistics 3
HIST SI3000 Investigating History 3
POLS SI3990 Intro to Political Science Research 3
PSY SI3600 Statistics in Psychology 3
PSY SI3610 Research Methods in Psychology 4
SOC SI3600 Social Statistics 3
SOC SI3660 Sociological Research 3
SW SI3700 Social Work Research 3