Student Success Center - Credit/No Credit Registration

Credit/No Credit (CR/NC) Registration

You may choose to register for a class on a credit/no-credit (CR/NC) basis within the following guidelines. (These restrictions do not apply to courses which are offered ONLY on a CR/NC basis as listed in the course description.)  It is important to be aware of course CR/NC deadlines so you know when you can select CR/NC.  For a list of CR/NC dates, check the academic calendar.  

Please Note:

  • If you have fewer than 30 completed credit hours you may register for no more than one CR/NC course each semester.
  • If you have more than 30 completed credit hours and a cumulative GPA of a 2.00 or better you may register for no more than two CR/NC courses each semester.
  • You may select CR/NC during online registration.
  • You may change a course to CR/NC through the registration office within a limited time period. Refer to the academic calendar for specific dates for the semester.
  • A maximum of 20 credit hours of your CR/NC courses may be applied toward graduation.
  • Your CR/NC courses do not count toward general education or major/minor requirements.
  • Credit (CR) will be recorded for a grade of a "C-" and above.
  • No Credit (NC) will be recorded for a grade below "C-".
  • If you stop attending class without officially withdrawing you will be given an unofficial withdrawal (UW) grade which is counted as a failing grade in the GPA.
  • If you change your program of study and need the letter grade for your major or minor you may petition through the Registrar's Office for the CR to be changed to the letter grade.