Student Success Center - Bounce Back


To be considered in good academic standing at Weber State University, a student must maintain a grade point average (GPA) of 2.00 or better. The objective of Bounce Back is to assist students to achieve and even surpass this goal. If you are a General Studies student on academic warning, probation or suspension, you must complete the following Bounce Back Program steps to avoid a hold that will prevent you from registering for your next semester. 



STEP 1: Complete and submit your Academic Self-Assessment.  

: Complete a short
pre-workshop evaluation.

: Print the Semester Study Plan and follow along as you watch the online Bounce Back WorkshopThe workshop takes approximately 30 minutes and uses Adobe Flash and requires speakers or headphones. You will need to disable all pop-up blockers on your system.

STEP 4: Schedule and attend a follow up advising appointment with an academic advisor in the Student Success Center. Distance students can participate in these follow-up appointments with academic advisors by phone.

If you have an academic hold, it will be expired by the end of the workday following completion of steps 1 through 4.

Your academic success is very important to all of us in the Student Success Center, so please contact us if you have any Bounce Back Program questions. After you complete the Bounce Back Program, we will email you for your feedback so that we can improve our services. We look forward to working with you!