Student Success Center - Add/Drop/Withdrawal Policy

Add/Drop/Withdrawal Policy 

Don't stop attending a class without formally dropping it.  If you just stop attending, you will get a "UW" (Unofficial Withdrawal).  A "UW" is equivalent to a failing grade and permanently appears on your record. It is important to be aware of course drop and withdrawal deadlines so you know when you can stop attending a class without failing it, whether or not you can drop online, and whether or not you need instructor approval.  For a list of add/drop and withdrawal dates, check the academic calendar.  

If you are a student on financial aid, an athlete subject to NCAA eligibility rules, or a student under any other classification with minimum credit requirements, consult your advisor before dropping or withdrawing from a full-time load of classes. Do not drop and then seek advisement; seek advisement and then drop to avoid it adversely affecting you! 

Note that tuition refunds are only available before and during the beginning of each semester, so check on both the previously mentioned implications of dropping and the tuition implications of dropping.

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Last updated on 09/09/09