Sociology Club

 Are you a first-year student?  Ready to graduate and move on to higher education? Graduate school?  Or maybe you’re ready for the career world.  Whatever your situation, the Sociology Club at Weber has plenty of opportunities for you to get involved, have some fun, and gain useful experience.


What we're about...

    The Sociology Club at Weber State is a student-run organization oriented toward the study and application of 
    sociology, not only on campus, but in the community and in preparation for higher learning and excellence in 
    the career world.  We advocate cultural awareness, social consciousness, genuine understanding, and 
    personal and professional growth.



    The Sociology Club meets weekly to discuss progress on current projects, the club’s future involvement in 
    various activities on campus and off, and upcoming plans.  Despite the business end of things, we’re a casual 
    lot and welcome visitors!  You’re encouraged to become as involved as you like; however, life-long
    commitment is not required.  If only some of what we do interests you, don’t let the rest keep you from 
    stopping by.  We usually meet on Wednesdays after class in the Social Science building, but check with a 
    club member or advisor for information about our next event.


What we do...

    We are sociologists (albeit in the making); and our activities are grounded in, and in the service of, sociology 
    as a discipline.  From conducting our own research and attending presentations on the work of others, to 
    Chapter Club and club socials, there’s usually something going on.  Find out more about what we do in the 
    Sociology Club by clicking on the link in the top left corner of this page.


Getting involved...

    Every semester new opportunities arise for the Sociology Club; and the activities mentioned 
only describe a few of the options you can explore in sociology. Creating an environment that fosters and 
    encourages intellectual and professional growth, the Sociolgy Club is an excellent stepping stone toward 
    your next horizon.

        Why get involved?  Because Sociology Club is a good time!  It’s an excellent resource for you to get 
        to know some people, share some ideas, and gain useful insight and experience that you can apply to the 
        class room or the real world - whichever you find yourself in next!  Whether you have a compelling research 
        question or just a couple basic ones, there are lots of reasons to come by and see what the Sociology 
        Club is all about.

        How to get involved: Getting involved is easy!  It just takes stopping by any one of our events.  And 
        again, there’s no commitment required; we just hope that you’ll like what we do and come back!

        Contact Info:  To find our more about our next event, feel free to contact either of the club advisors, 
Dr. Glass in the Sociology Department.


     Dr. Glass: