Archaeological Technician Certificate

Director: Brooke Arkush
Telephone Contact: 801-626-7202

Archaeology can be an emphasis within the anthropology major or minor, part of a Bachelor of Integrated Studies degree, or stand alone as an independent program. The program trains students for work as archaeological technicians, adding a vocational component to an academic discipline. Archaeology, with its modern emphases on scientific problem solving, an evolutionary perspective, and ecological theory, is also a valuable part of a student's science education.

Grade Requirements: A minimum grade of "C" in courses counted toward fulfilling the major (a grade of "C-" is not acceptable) and an overall GPA of 2.00.
Credit Hour Requirements: Minimum of 26 credit hours for the Institutional Certificate, which must include ENGL 1010 (3) or equivalent. Minimum of 63 credit hours for the Associate of Applied Science degree, which must include ENGL 1010 (3) (or equivalent), COMM HU 1020 (3), and MATH 1050 (3) and 9 additional credit hours of general education, including one course in each of the Humanities, Sciences, and Social Sciences areas.

General Education

Refer to General Requirements for Associate of Applied Science degree requirements.


All declared Archaeological Technician students are assigned to the Director of the Archaeological Technician program for advisement. Students are officially notified that they must be formally advised by the Director at least once a year with all contacts posted in their files to be maintained in the department. Contact with the Director is by appointment; undeclared students with questions should also contact the Director of the Archaeological Technician Program (Dr. Brooke Arkush, phone: 801-626-7202) or the Chair of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology (Dr. Rosemary Conover, phone: 801-626-6641).

Course Requirements for Institutional Certificate

Required Program Core Courses (21 credit hours)

  • ANTH SS 2030 Principles of Archaeology (3)
  • ANTH 3100 Prehistory of North America (3)
  • ANTH DV 3200 Archaeology of Early Civilizations (3)
  • ANTH 3300 Archaeological Field Techniques (3-6)
    (must complete 6 credit hours)
  • ANTH 3400 Archaeological Lab Techniques (3)
  • ANTH 4100 Archaeological Method, Theory, & Cultural Resource Management (3)

Support Courses

Complete at least one of the following:
  • GEO PS 1110 Dynamic Earth: Physical Geology (3)
    & GEO 1115 Physical Geology Lab (1)
  • GEOG PS 1000 Natural Environments of the Earth (3)

Recommended Courses

Students are encouraged to select one or two additional courses from the following:
  • ANTH SS/DV 1000 Intro to Anthropology (3)
  • ENGL 3100  Professional and Technical Writing (3) (Prerequisite: ENGL 2010)
  • SOC 3600 Social Statistics (3)

Gainful Employment Disclosure