Dr. Huiying Wei-Arthus, Professor of Sociology

Huiying Wei-Arthus specializes in teaching organizational studies, sociological classical and contemporary theories,research methods and statistics. Her research interests are in organizational studies, Asian Americans, social, political and economical issues and phenomena in present-day China, and some topics about the Cultural Revolution in China.

Huiying came to Utah from New York in 1995 after she received her PhD in sociology in 1994 from State University of New York at Stony Brook. Prior to this degree, she also received two master degrees, one in linguistics, and the other in sociology. She lived in Long Island, New York for 10 years.

Major Publications:

"Film - An Effective Propaganda Tool in Socialist China in the 1950s" in the Selected Papers in Asian Studies, New series #66, 2001.

A Study of Authority and Relations in Chinese Governmental Agencies and Institutional Work Units -- Neo-Partimonialism in Urban Work Units by The Edwin Mellen Press, May 2000.

"The Massive Unemployment in Present-Day China", in The Journal of the Southwest Conference on Asian Studies, Vol. 1, Oct 1999.