Dr. Brenda Marsteller Kowalewski, Professor of Sociology

Brenda Kowalewski joined Weber State University in 1995, arriving from the University of Maryland where she completed a Ph.D in sociology. She is a full and tenured professor of sociology in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology.

Dr. Kowalewski's main teaching and research areas include the sociology of family, gender and work as well as research methods and community-engaged learning. Service-learning and community-based research are teaching techniques commonly used in Kowalewski's classes and the focus of her most recent research agenda. Currently, Kowalewski is engaging her research methods students in program evaluation research and community needs assessment for a 10 census tract area of downtown Ogden, Utah. Much of her recently published research, as well as presentations at state, national and international conferences, have focused on the use of service-learning and community-based research as teaching tools. Additionally, she has published work investigating the relationship between occupational gender segregation and the wage gap between men and women.

As director of the Center for Community Engaged Learning, Kowalewski is responsible for facilitating curricular and co-curricular community engaged learning experiences for students and faculty and staff at WSU to meet real community needs.

Shepherd Union Building, Room 327