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Program Mission

To increase college participation and success for historically underrepresented and first-generation students, through partnerships with schools in our community. Working alongside students as they pursue and successfully complete post-secondary education, we provide targeted support and connections from the end of their senior year in high school through their first year at WSU.




Scholarship opportunities

Ivory Homes Building Dreams Scholarship
Deadline: June 30, 2017
Requirements: Open to high school seniors and transferring students from Salt Lake Community College to the University of Utah (with and without DACA). Ivory Homes will offer eight $2,000 scholarships for the 2017-2018 academic year for the University of Utah. These scholarships are available to students who have demonstrated experience serving and working with the Latina/Latino community. Applicants must be entering freshmen or SLCC transfer students with preference given to first-generation students. Students transferring from Salt Lake Community College to the University of Utah must (1) have completed 30 credit hours or more at the time of their application, (2) have lived in Utah for three or more years, and (3) graduated from a Utah high school.
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Ivory Homes Renewal Application
Deadline: June 30, 2017
Requirements: Renewal funds are available to former Ivory Homes Scholarship Recipients who are first-generation continuing students at the University of Utah during the 2017-18 academic year. In order to be considered for renewed funding, students must demonstrate involvement in community service and/or leadership. Current Ivory Homes Renewal Scholars must have completed Diversity Scholars and at least one high school conference by March 5, 2017, in order to be considered. A one-page personal statement written by the student explaining how continued funding will contribute to achieving your educational and career goals. Resume of one page highlighting any extracurricular or community activities and/or service in which the student is involved. Transcripts.
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Services Provided

  • Campus visits and workshops
  • Preparation for college entrance exams
  • Assistance with scholarship and financial aid applications
  • Assistance with college admissions and enrollment
  • Educational field trips
  • College Summer Summit
  • Multicultural Youth Conference

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