(Costs may change without notice)

Tuition and fees* $3050 per semester (in state tuition)

REST Books and modules **       $1900 (for AAS and BS.)

Self-Assessment exams $150(for AAS and BS year)

Scrubs $30-40 per year

AHA CPR $50 (American Heart Association Healthcare Provider)

WSU REST Nametag $10 

Stethoscope $80
DataArc Student License $75 (Online clinical database)

Background check/required document database $150 per year
Immunizations (Hep B, Influenza, MMR, Tdap,Varicella, TB skin test) $Cost

Drug Screen $50 per year

AARC Dues $50 per year

USRC Conference(s) $100 per year (subject to change without notice)

Health Insurance or waiver
Computerized Tablet for lab and clinical ($150-$400)

Clinical Parking $10 per day


* Provo tuition schedule is per WSU Continuing Education. Classes out side of Respiratory are not add to load.

**Does not include general education or Upper division electives textbook costs