Bachelor of Science

How to get Admitted
  • If you have completed a CoARC accredited AAS/AS program and you have an RRT credential click here for an application check list.
  • Transfer students that have graduated from a CoARC accredited respiratory therapy program or returning WSU respiratory therapy students please Click here to complete an online Respiratory Therapy Application using the information from the checklist. Once a candidate has completed the respiratory therapy application with the necessary documentation, their acceptance in the Bachelors of Science Program will be finalized. 

  • Once the above steps are completed please complete a contract for each 4000 level class project with the respective instructor listed below. Please have your BS contract approved by the appropriate teacher before the first week of the semester so you will be able to register by the deadline which is the Friday of the first week of each semester.
              Dr Paul Eberle
     REST 4610 - Adv. Patient Assessment
  Lisa Trujillo
  REST 4620 - Health Promotions
  Janelle Gardiner
  REST 4630 - C.Q.I. Project
  Mich Oki 
  REST 4800 - Certifications (optional)

Questions? Ask an Advisor
Any questions about the application process should be directed to Alisa Kimball (, 801-626-7071) or Shauna Pitt (, 801-395-3533). Click here for a BS upper division worksheet. Click here for a Upper Division BS Worksheet that is an editable WORD file. An advisor will help you complete this form.
Below is a list of BS advisors according to the first letter of your last name:
              Lisa Trujillo      Ogden Campus Students
  Dr. Paul Eberle   Ogden Campus Students
  Janelle Gardiner   Ogden Campus Students
  Mich Oki   Davis and Provo Campus Students

Application Links

AARC Membership Application

Order Your Backgound Check (Verified Credentials)

Respiratory Therapy Student Handbook (PDF)

Handbook Agreement Form (PDF)

DCHP Admission and Advising
Shauna Pitt
Marriot Allied Health Building

MH 108

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