Purchasing Card Program Overview

Using the P-Card will allow employees to obtain goods much faster and easier, reduce paperwork and processing time for the departments, enable employees to be more efficient, and provide cost savings through consolidated payments by the Purchasing department.  The P-Card allows the buyer to contact vendors directly, including making in-person, telephone, and on-line purchases.  Purchases can be made for most items costing less than $1,500 with merchants who accept MasterCard.  P-Cards are not intended to replace all methods of purchasing, rather to complement the existing processes available.


  • Contract employees of Weber State University are eligible to be a cardholder
  • All purchases are for University business only
  • P-Card must be kept secure.  Lost or stolen cards must be reported immediately to the issuing bank (1-800-316-6056) and to the Purchasing Card Coordinator (801) 626-7113.
  • The P-Card is non-transferrable and cannot be used by anyone else
  • Each transaction must be properly documented
  • Monthly statements must be signed by the cardholder, supervisor and reconciler and kept on file for 4 years.
  • Initial training is done in-person.
  • All P-Cards are subject to annual audits by Internal Audit.


P-Cards cannot be used to purchase items that exceed the single transaction limit or items on the Restricted Items list.

P-Cards can be authorized for Purchases Only, Travel Only, or for Purchases AND Travel. Authorization is granted by immediate supervisor.

CARD LIMITS - Standard* limits are established as follows:

Purchases - $1,500 per single transaction, $7,000 monthly limit
Travel - $7,000 per single transaction, $7,000 monthly limit
ATM - Only authorized for foreign and/or group (student) travel and must be pre-approved in writing by the appropriate Vice President.

*Lower limits can be established by direction of employee's supervisor.  Higher limits must be approved by the supervisor and Director of Purchasing.  A written request by the supervisor for higher limits must be submitted to the Purchasing Card Coordinator.