Online Research Board

The following projects are available for Psychology 1010 Research Participation Credit and to non-1010 students who fall within the noted criteria of the project. Additional studies may be available on the Research Board outside of the Psychology Department Office, SS370.

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IRB # Title of Study  Status  Start Date  End Date
Emotional Response to Literature Closed 10/9/14 11/26/14
14-012 Video Games and Decision Making Closed 10/1/14 11/7/14
14-SS-112 Religiosity, Personality, and Attitudes toward Homosexuality Open 10/20/14 11/24/14
14-55-108 Social Media and Personality Perception Open 10/20/14 11/26/14
14-SS-115 Perception of Efficacy Closed 10/31/14 11/15/14
14-55-116 Factors Affecting Mood: A Correlational Study Closed 10/30/14 11/17/14
14-PS-41 Internet Usage, Personality, and Motivations for Facebook Usage Closed 11/3/14 11/26/14
14-SS-104 Hiring Preference in the Marketing Field Closed 11/4/14 11/26/14
14-SS-117 Conformists, Extroverts or Introverts Closed 11/6/14 11/21/14
14-PS-40 Smartphone Use, Test Performance, & Anxiety Open 11/10/14 11/26/14
14-016 Lexical Decision Task Open 11/17/14 11/26/14
14-PS-43 Influence of Personality on Facial Emotion Recognition Open 11/11/14 11/26/14
14-PS-43 Performance and Satisfaction in Online Versus Face-to-Face Classroom Settings Open 11/11/14 11/26/14
14-PS-43 Personality and Relationship Satisfaction Open 11/11/14 11/26/14
14-PS-43 Religious Effects on Conservative Views Open 11/11/14 11/26/14
14-PS-47 Virtual Immortality and Religiosity Closed 11/17/14 11/26/14
14-PS-049 Moral Decision Making Open 11/17/14 11/26/14
*All studies have been closed for the Summer 2014 Semester