Online Research Board

The Psychology Department tracks your research credits online, however you should save all email receipts for participation. The last day for participation in the 2016 Spring Semester is April 15th.

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Study Title
Date Open
Date Closed
15-SS-146 Temperature Changes Due to Empathetic Responses Open 2/8/16 3/4/16
15-SS-143 Self-Compassion and its Effects on Stress Response Open 1/25/16 4/4/16
15-PS-214 Understanding Human Behavior (study link available) Closed 1/28/16 2/19/16
15-SS-141 Memory Strategies for College Students Open 1/25/16 4/4/16
15-SS-142 Biological Differences Between Introverts and Extraverts Open 1/25/16 4/4/16
15-HP-009 Analysis of Urinary Biomarkers in the Study of Behaviors Open 2/8/16 3/10/16
*Sign-up sheets to participate in research studies are located outside of the Psychology Department Office, room 370.  
Online 1010 students may contact their professor for studies to participate in online.