Faculty Accomplishments 2011-2012



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Peer Review Journal Articles 

Amsel, E.Baird, T., & Ashley, A. (2011). Misconceptions and conceptual change in undergraduate students learning psychology. Psychology Learning and Teaching, 10, 3-10.

Crawford, F. &  Parrilla de Kokal, M. (2012)  Poverty, gender, and education in Africa: A conversation with Carol Ugochukwu.  Weber: The Contemporary West, 28, 26-34.

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(Without Students, see Student Achievement file for lists of faculty presentations with students)

Amsel, E., Baird, T., & Ashley, A., (March, 2012). Assessment and models of teaching and learning. Weber State University, Facuty Forum. Ogden UT.

Amsel, E., Baird, T., & Ashley, A., (April 2012). Models of teaching and learning and the training of critical thinking.  In W. Wozniak (Organizer) Specialty courses and activities designed to develop critical thinking skills in students.

Amsel, E., (April 2012).  What makes for an effective teacher?  Invited panel member at RMPA Reno, NV.

Bates, S., Amsel, E., Corser, G., Fowler, L., Kwan, K., Marsing, N., & Whitlock, K. (August 2012). Implementation of a statewide strategy for supporting general psychology: Barriers, catalysts, and lessons learned.  In R. Gurung, & S. Frantz (Organizers) A Focus on Introductory Psychology: Models, Formats, Learning Outcomes, and Assessment.  Symposium presented at APA, Orlando FL.

Hamson-Utley, J.J., Yool, E.T., Hansen, R., Bass, J.A., Scharmann, S., Schmolesky, M.T., Ashley, A.Arnold, M., Noland, J.M., Brinkerhoff, M., Weaver, P.  (2012, June).  An investigation of concussion-related neuroproteins in collegiate athletes:  A comparison of gender differences In high-risk sport.  Poster to be presented at National Athletic Trainers' Association Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposia, St. Louis, MI.

Hansen, S. A., Ashley, A., Titmus, D., Chung, B. M. (2012, May). Dietary Protein influences growth through a complex mechanism coupling proteolysis and    intestinal peptide transporter expression. Paper presented at the American Gastroenterological Association Digestive Disease Week, San Diego, CA.

Noland, J.M., Hamson-Utley, J.J., Hansen, R., Bass, J.A., Scharmann, S., Schmolesky,M.T., Ashley, A., Yool, E.T., Brinkerhoff, M., Weaver, P.  (2012, June).  An investigation of altered neuroproteins in collegiate athletes with self-reported history of concussion.  Poster presented at National Athletic Trainers' Association Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposia, St. Louis, MI.

Parrilla de Kokal, M., Crawford F. & Gillespie, A. (2012) Diversity education in higher education. Paper presented at the 32nd Annual International Society for Teacher Educators Conference, Paro, Bhutan.


Conference Organizer:  Lauren Fowler

Psychology Reviewer Coordinator:  Theresa Kay

Manuscript Reviewers:  Aaron Ashley, Todd Baird, Azenett Garza, Joseph Horvat, Theresa Kay, Lauren Fowler, Melinda Russell-Stamp, Matthew Schmolesky.

Session Chairs:  Aaron Ashley, Todd Baird, Azenett Garza, Theresa Kay, Lauren Fowler, Matthew Schmolesky.

Discussion Leader:  Eric Amsel


Faculty Grants

Azenett A. Garza, María Parrilla de Kokal, Melinda Russell-Stamp, Isabel Asensio, Alicia Giralt.  Awarded the Alan E. and Jeanne N. Hall Endowment for Community Outreach Grant (Weber State University) for "Making a Difference" project to work with Ogden Weber Community Action Partnership’s Head Start Program children and their parents, $4,471.43

Aaron Ashley.  Awarded ARCC grant for technological improvements in the Psychology Department, $1,815.00

Faculty Supervised Student Grants

Amy Blunck, $875 (Eric Amsel and Leigh Shaw, Supervisor)

Karen Harms, $575 (Aaron Ashley, Supervisor)

Trevor Hicks (Lauren Fowler, supervisor)

Sterling Haws (Lauren Fowler, Supervisor)

Matt Fullmer (Lauren Fowler, Supervisor)

Nicholas Smith, $3500 (Matthew Schmolesky, Supervisor)

Andrew Russett $3300 (Matthew Schmolesky, supervisor)



Eric Amsel is serving on the Board of Directors of the Jean Piaget Society and was appointed Associate Chair, Awards Committee of the American Psychological Association’s Division 2 (Society for the Teaching of Psychology).

Lauren Fowler is a member of the Council of Undergraduate Research Executive Board and Chair of the National Council of Undergraduate Research Board of Governors.

Azenett Garza is faculty advisor to Psi Alpha Omega (the national honor society in psychology for students of color and students interested in the study of ethnic and cultural issues) and serves as an executive committee member of American Psychological Association’s Division 45 (The Society for the Psychology Study of Ethnic Minority Issues). She replaces Joseph Horvat in this role and founder of Psi Alpha Omega.

Joseph Horvat was appointed to the Review Committee for American Psychological Association’s Minority Fellowship Program.

Matthew Schmolesky serves as President of the Intermountain Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience.


Mathew Schmolesky:  International Brain Awareness Week (BAW).  Students gave brain-related presentations given to 1350 K-12 students at nine schools, reaching 42 classes.

Maria Parrilla de Kokal and Azenett Garza:  Ogden-Weber Community Action Partnership Head Start.  Students worked with children promoting career-related plans and academic skills.

Maria Parrilla De Kokal and Melinda Russell-Stamp and:  Ogden City School System, Washington High School.  Students worked with high school students promoting mathematics achievements, social skills, and college participation. 

Theresa Kay:  Weber State University, Counseling Center.  Students worked with professional counseling staff promoting mental health on campus.

Eric Amsel:  Treehouse Children’s Museum.  Students worked promoting literacy skills in children.  DaVinci Academy of the Arts and Science. Students worked with high school students promoting college participation.


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