Psychology Faculty


NOTE: As of May 1st 2017 the Psychology Dept. will be moving into the Science Lab (old science building). All listed faculty office numbers are subject to change.

Our faculty members are actively engaged in the discipline, the community, the university, and the department. Counted among them are a number of award-winning teachers and researchers. They were early adopters, and continue to be leaders, of the university initiative for undergraduate research and community-based scholarship. They are also involved in a variety of interdisciplinary initiatives on campus, including NeuroscienceLinguistics, and Women’s Studies. The faculty members are excellent campus and community citizens serving in leadership positions both on and off campus. Department members continue to aspire to become a model for the university and the discipline of innovative and effective undergraduate training in psychology.

Professor Area of Interest Office Phone Email
Aaron Ashley Cognitive SL 202C 801-626-8743
Todd Baird Clinical SL 207 801-626-7724
Lauren Fowler Neuroscience SL 211 801-626-7620
Azenett Garza Social SL 208 801-626-6249
Todd Hillhouse Neuroscience SL 210B 801-626-6315
Joseph Horvat Personality SL 210A 801-626-6248
Jordan Hyde Social
Theresa Kay Clinical Davis Campus 801-626-6812
Shannon McGillivray Cognitive/Aging SL 204A 801-626-7867
Maria Parrilla de Kokal Clinical/Developmental SL 206 801-626-7622
Doug Richards Neuroscience   801-626-6247
Melinda Russell-Stamp Counseling/Educational SL 209 801-626-6399
Leigh Shaw Developmental SL 203 801-626-7429
Adjunct Faculty        
Eric Amsel Developmental MA 306 801-626-6658
Norris Bancroft Experimental SS 370
Heather Chapman Cognitive SS 305 801-626-6247
Paula Fiet Neuroscience
Jaclyn Knapp Clinical/Educational
Peggy Smith Developmental Psychopathology SLCC
Craig Oreshnick Clinical/Counseling SC 280 801-626-6406
Seth Wilhelmsen Learning SS 138 801-626-7809