Pre-Physicians Assistant Recommended Schedule

The following are courses that can be taken now, at WSU, that are required or recommended for PA school acceptance. Core courses vary between different schools but the following suggested courses will make you more competitive when applying.


Required and Recommended Pre-Physician Assistant Courses 

  • Microbiology 2054: Principles of Microbiology with lab
  • Microbiology 3254 or 3203: Immunology (with or w/out lab)
  • Microbiology 3305 or 3603: Medical Microbiology
  • Zoology 3200: Cell Biology
  • Zoology 3300: Genetics
  • Zoology 2100: Anatomy with Lab
  • Zoology 2200: Physiology with Lab
  • 1-2 years of Chemistry (check specific PA school websites to know which option is best for you)
    2yr option: Chemistry 1210/1220 along with one semester of Organic and Biochemistry
    1yr option: Chemistry 1110/1120
  • Psychology 1010: Introduction to Psychology
  • Psychology 3010: Abnormal Psychology
  • Math 1040 or Psychology 3600: Statistics
PA schools usually require courses in psychology, social sciences, English and mathematics. Some even require courses in statistics, computer sciences, humanities, speech etc. Please check the catalogs of your school of interest or their web sites for details since fulfilling these prerequisites is essential to your success. When you are unsure if a course you have taken will meet a particular school’s requirement, please contact that school for their approval. They will usually ask for a catalog description of the course.