Posting and Distribution of Written Materials on Campus

No. 7-10 Rev.12-23-98 Date 7-18-85


Weber State University affirms its commitment to academic freedom, to the concept of a university that encourages the free flow of ideas on all subjects, including controversial issues, and to the opportunity of subjecting all ideas to objective, critical analysis. The university shall not adopt any policy or practice of censorship and shall protect the rights of all students guaranteed under the First and Fourteenth Amendments of the United States Constitution, Sections 1, 15, and 27 of Article I of the Utah Constitution and the court decision interpreting these provisions of the United States Constitution and the Utah Constitution.

Academic freedom, the free flow of ideas, freedom of the press, and the right to read and consider all ideas of whatever medium they are communicated must be protected not only from censorship as to the content but also from those committed to the interference with the posting or distribution of such material through improper acts such as distribution or vandalism. It is the responsibility of all members of the academic community to refrain from such conduct, and the university should apply appropriate sanctions under proper procedural safeguards to those who violate this obligation.

All persons on the campus of Weber State University, whether administrators, faculty, students, employees, or guests, are subject to the law. Those who violate the law while on the campus are subject to prosecution in the courts by appropriate governmental officials.

Consistent with these principles, the following policy on posting and distribution of written materials is promulgated to insure the free flow of ideas while imposing minimal restrictions as to time, manner, and place of such distribution or posting.


These regulations shall apply to all persons wishing to post or distribute material on the campus of Weber State University, whether administrators, faculty, students, employees, or guests.

Nothing herein shall apply to or be construed as a limitation upon the right of a faculty member to distribute or post material in or to classes assigned to that member of the faculty provided such posting or distribution is incidental to the course subject, proximate to the class location, and the material is removed without damage to property at the end of the class period.

These regulations shall not apply to material posted or distributed by authorized offices of the university in connection with official university business, activities, and events when such material is authorized by a building supervisor or dean.


The term "material" as used in this policy includes, but is not limited to, all printed, written, painted, photographic material, or physical means of conveying ideas by whatever means produced or reproduced.

The term "posting" as used in this policy includes, but is not limited to, the attaching, hanging, or displaying in any manner whatsoever of any material on property controlled by Weber State University.


Except as permitted herein, no poster handbill, or any other form of announcement may be placed on, attached to, or written on any structure or natural feature of the campus such as interior walls, the sides of doors or buildings, windows, the surface of walkways or roads, fountains, posts, waste receptacles, lawn, trees, or on vehicles parked on campus.

The university shall provide reasonable space, as practicable, indoors and outdoors for the posting and distribution of materials. A registered campus organization may maintain a table or other display paraphernalia at a location designated by the building supervisor.

Persons distributing handbills may not interfere with or impede the flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic at any point on campus. Persons creating such hazards may be cited by Campus Security Police under appropriate university or state regulations.

The university maintains the authority and right to prohibit the distribution of any material which in the estimation of the university will cause a security problem or interferes with any instructional or university event. The university also maintains the right to regulate the time, manner, and place of any distribution of written material which is likely to cause harm to university property, physical danger to any individual, or in any other way breaches the security of the university or disrupts the furtherance of education.


The university maintains the authority to remove materials not properly approved, posted, or distributed consistent with this policy.

The university shall have the authority to enforce this policy including the collection of reasonable costs or damages associated with any violation of this policy by withholding of monies budgeted for organizations, money due to an individual or organization responsible, or through civil or criminal judicial proceedings.


The university hereby maintains its authority to remove or prohibit distribution of any illegal or obscene material.


The university does not endorse any political party or any candidate for political office. Unauthorized posting or distribution of campaign material at Weber State University by a political party or candidate for federal, state, county, or city office or position is prohibited.


The university does not endorse any company nor the products of any company. Advertising of products, magazine subscriptions, tours, schemes, etc., may not be posted on campus, except as such advertising may be authorized by the university.


Students, faculty, and staff may post notice of personal items for sale only on designated bulletin boards and as approved by the building supervisor.


Except as provided herein for university personnel, anyone wishing to distribute or post any material at Weber State University must first obtain approval or authorization from the Office of University Relations.