Maternity Leave

No. 3-26    Rev. 12/11/07      Date 8-17-77      


  • Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978, 42 U.S.C.
  • American with Disabilities Act of 1990
  • Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993
  • PPM 3-21, Sick Leave (Non-Exempt Staff)
  • PPM 3-21a, Sick Leave (Faculty, Exempt, and Exec. Staff)
  • PPM 3-28, Special Leave
  • PPM 3-29, Leave of Absence Without Pay
  • PPM 3-29a, Family and Medical Leave
  • PPM 3-34, American's with Disabilities Act & Section 504 Request for Accommodation
  • PPM 8-21, Probationary Period for Tenure


A. Maternity leave is available to female employees of Weber State University during the period of doctor-certified disability of the employee related to pregnancy, delivery, and recovery. It may consist of paid leave, unpaid leave, or a combination of the two depending on sick leave entitlement. Unpaid leave relating to child care is available to both male and female employees under the provisions of the Family and Medical Leave policy.

B. The amount of paid leave applied to the maternity leave is contingent on the entitlement of the employee under PPM 3-21 or PPM 3-21a, whichever applies.

C. Unpaid leave for maternity may be requested under PPM 3-29, PPM 3-29a or PPM 3-28.

D. When Family and Medical Leave is requested for maternity, Maternity Leave will run concurrent with FMLA and not extend the entitlement.

E. The position occupied by the employee prior to maternity leave will be held for the employee for a reasonable period of time on the same basis as jobs are held for employees on other similar leaves.

F. Weber State University complies with the Pregnancy Discrimination Act. Pregnancy is considered a normal condition and employees are expected to work up to the delivery date unless the physician provides a written statement indicating that the employee has a medical condition that makes it medically necessary for the employee to be off work in advance of the delivery date. The standard recovery period for vaginal deliveries is six weeks. The standard recovery period for c-section deliveries is eight weeks.

G. Departments must allow return to work on the first working day following the date on which the physician certifies fitness to return to work. If academic instruction is involved, such as in the case of teaching faculty, other employment at the same rate of pay may be substituted until the beginning of the next academic period. Faculty should refer to PPM 8-21 if extension of the probationary period for tenure is desired.