Women & Gender Studies

Curriculum Grid

Revised: November, 2013
Current for the 2013/14 Academic Year

Blank = outcome is not achieved in the course
M = moderate level
H = high level


Women & Gender Studies Program
Outcome Grid: Student Outcomes by Courses

Graduates of the Women's Studies program will:

  1. Know the main social, economic political, and psychological issues in contemporary women’s lives, globally and locally;
  2. Know the main topics in theories and methodologies of feminisms;
  3. Know women’s class, sexual orientation and cultural (historically "racial") diversity;
  4. Know in depth one aspect of women’s experience learned through (for example) a literary genre, a time period, a geographic region, or focus on a very narrow topic (this could be accomplished through electives, research paper, an internship, etc.);
  5. Possess the ability to connect ideas and concepts about oppression and patriarchy about women within various fields to common themes or topics;
  6. Possess the ability to write a focused and coherent analytical essay based upon and sustained by evidence;
  7. Possess the ability to design and implement a project demonstrating studied topics.
Required Core Courses (12 hours) #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7
WS 1500 Introduction to Women's Studies H   M   H H  
WS 3050 Feminist Theories M H M   H H  
WS 4050 Research Methodologies H H H H H H H
WS 4060 Research Project M H M   H H M
WS 4860 Internship M H M H M M H
WS 4990 Senior Seminar H H H M H M H
Elective Courses (8 hours) #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7
WS 4830 Directed Readings Variable course with variable outcomes
WS 2900 Topics in Women's Studies Variable course with variable outcomes
WS 4900 Topics in Women's Studies Variable course with variable outcomes
Cross-listed Courses #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7
Comm 3090     H H      
Eng Hu 2710 Perspectives on Women's Literature     M H H H  
Eng Hu 3510 Global Perspectives in Literture - Middle Eastern Women Writers     M H H H  
Eng 3750 Themes & Ideas in Literature: Indian Women Writers Writing in English     M H H H  
Psy 2370 Psychology of Women and Gender M   M H H H  
Psy 3100 Psychology of Diversity  M   M H H H  
Psy 4900 Selected Topics in Psychology: Class, Culture, and Gender       H   H