Women & Gender Studies

Women and Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary program devoted to the academic study of the roles, contributions, and scholarship of women. It explores issues of race, class, sexual preference and gender as they impact women's lives in a variety of cultural contexts. Its goals are:

  1. to build on the existing body of scholarship as the program develops an interdisciplinary curriculum about women gender issues,
  2. to encourage variety in pedagogical methods for teaching,
  3. to transform traditional disciplines through continuing consideration of new data, methods, theories, and analytical frameworks generated by Women's Studies scholarship, helping to correct long-standing oversight of the study of women's contributions to societies throughout the world.

Women and Gender Studies takes its place in the academic community by promoting new areas of research, discovering lost contents of human history, identifying women's place in contemporary life and encouraging a sense of empowerment among women through analysis of their commonality of experience. The Women and Gender Studies Program prepares students to pursue graduate work for employment in professional and community organizations, with an emphasis on critical self-reflection and responsible decision-making.

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