Performing Arts - Dance

The Department of Performing Art’s Dance Program is housed within the Lindquist College or Arts and Humanities. The Dance Program provides rigorous study in dance technique, creative courses, and academic studies. Dance faculty offer many opportunities for students to perform on campus, for the community and at local, national and international festivals/venues. Dance program graduates are working in the field, both nationally and abroad, performing, choreography, teaching as well as in related fields such as dance/physical therapy, arts administration and arts education.

Dance is a beautiful and ancient art form that continues to blossom. Dance students challenge themselves to grow in may ways: they develop physical and mental discipline, self-expression, ability to work with others, self- confidence, poise, written and oral communication skills, leadership, creativity, organizational skills and more. Being in a Department of Performing Arts- where dance, music and theatre occur side by side – there are opportunities to share, collaborate and thrive in the whole of a performing arts environment.

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