Information Systems & Technologies

A bachelor's degree in Information Systems & Technologies provides students with a broad background in basic business knowledge, problem solving, and computer systems analysis and design skills. Graduates from this major are prepared to help organizations use computer technology to support their business processes. Technologies that all IST majors study include software development, computer architecture, database design, web development and management, and networks. Then, depending on the electives the student chooses, the student will also study advanced software development, and systems analysis and design, or advanced networks, information security and computer forensics.

Information Systems & Technologies graduates may work for a large organization, specializing in one aspect of information technology. Or, they may work for a small firm as one of a few people who helps support all areas of the firm's technologies. The job will involve working with people to understand how they do their jobs and where computers can be most effective, as well as implementing computer-based solutions; training people to use the systems; installing and troubleshooting hardware, software and networks; and helping management understand and plan for the best new technologies to integrate in the organization's business processes.

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