Teacher Education: Undergraduate

Mission Statement

Revised 12/2011
Current for the 2013/14 Academic Year

Weber State University teacher educators prepare practitioners for a diverse society. Graduates of our programs reflect on practice, engage students in learning and collaborate for professional development. They demonstrate the knowledge, dispositions, and performances of INTASC standards for entry-level teachers.

In support of the Weber State University and Jerry and Vickie Moyes College of Education mission and goals, the Teacher Education Department has established the following goals:

  1. To create an outstanding, learner-center experience in a multi-campus environment, the Teacher Education Department will:
    • insure that teacher education programs are based on State and National Standards;
    • prepare teacher candidates to demonstrate effective pedagogy, mastery of subject-area material, and professional dispositions;
    • collect and disseminate data about the progress of teacher candidates for program evaluation and renewal.
  2. To support students, faculty and the community through technology, administrative systems, outstanding service and the physical campus, the Teacher Education Department will:
    • provide appropriate technologies in order for faculty, staff, and students to access, gather, organize, and present information;
    • provide appropriate, accurate, and timely advisement for students;
    • provide safe, clean, and comfortable classrooms that promote learning.
  3. To develop a campus environment of support and engagement for students, faculty and staff, the Teacher Education Department will:
    • work with other academic departments in the arts and sciences to coordinate efforts and to ensure candidates’ mastery of content knowledge and pedagogy;
    • encourage and support undergraduate research efforts;
    • assist and support faculty and staff professional development and research;
    • support student organizations related to department programs.
  4. To foster connections and support with /from external communities, the Teacher Education Department will:
    • enter into agreements with local school districts for the identification of sites and the placement of candidates in clinical settings where teacher candidates will work with quality teachers, work and interact with community members, and be mentored into the profession;
    • work with local school districts to identify and pursue grant opportunities to support the cost of professional development.
  5. To enhance the campus environment through inclusion and diversity, the Teacher Education Department will:
    • prepare teacher candidates to effectively work with all students in an increasingly pluralistic society;
    • actively recruit students and faculty from diverse backgrounds.