Parsons Construction Management


Learning Outcomes

Revised/reviewed January, 2012
Current for the 2013/14 Academic Year

At the end of their study at WSU, students in this program will:

1.   Communication Skills: Demonstrate effective verbal and written communication skills.
2.   Engineering Concepts: Apply the principles of engineering, science, and math to solve practical construction problems.
3.   Management Concepts: Apply the principles of accounting and business management to the construction industry.
4.   Materials, Methods, and Plan Reading: Evaluate construction materials, methods, and equipment and demonstrate the ability to interpret contract and design documents.
5.   Bidding and Estimating: Estimate construction quantities and apply costs to prepare bid proposals for construction projects.
6.   Budgeting, Costs, and Cost Control: Apply the principles of accounting to project management, including budgeting and controlling costs.
7.   Planning, Scheduling, and Control: Apply the principles of scheduling to construction projects, including activity selection and sequencing, duration calculation, and the development of a scheduling model.
8.   Construction Safety: Identify the OSHA standards that apply to the construction industry and develop a safety management plan.
9.   Surveying and Project Layout: Apply the principles of math to solve surveying problems and demonstrate the proper use of surveying equipment in construction layout.
10.   Project Administration: Apply the principles of project management to construction projects, including site layout, contract administration, quality control, conflict resolution, and record keeping.

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