Internship Opportunities

Past students have evaluated their internships in the following ways:

  • This internship opened my eyes and allowed me to get a feel for the things I like and don't like about government.

  • I am glad that I had the opportunity and privilege to participate in such a wonderful experience.

  • This was exciting and a huge adrenaline rush. I was extremely pleased during my internship time with the Motor Vehicle Enforcement Division and National Insurance Crime Bureau.

  • I don't think I have done anything more worthwhile in my life.


  • United States Senate

  • United States House of Representatives

  • United States Agencies

  • National political organizations

  • Utah State Legislature

  • Utah Law Enforcement Legislative Committee

  • Utah Association of Special Districts

  • Weber County Sheriff

  • National Insurance Crime Bureau

  • Ogden City Council

  • Weber County Attorney

  • Utah Legal Services

  • United Way

  • Davis Education Agency

  • PAL Tech and the Mid East Policy Council: for more information on these foreign affairs internships, please see me and then LaRae Larkin or Nancy Haanstad

Applications are available at the Political Science Department.


  • Successful completion of POLS 1100 (C or better) or successful passing of government skills test

  • Junior class standing or approval of the coordinator

Requirements (all of the following)

  • Sample of written work
  • 3 recommendations
  • Resume
  • Any additional requirements the position may have


Internship Classes

Course Number

Course Name

Credit Hours


Grade Standard

POLS 4860



Job in office


POLS 4880

Research Project


Research project developed out of internship experience


POLS 4870

Politics in Perspective


Current government and politics course