Model United Nations

An active Model United Nations program has existed at WSU for nearly 5 decades. Model UN offers an excellent learning experience based on a (2 hour) Model UN class (POLS 3150) each Spring open to all students. Students must develop a general knowledge of the major issues before the current General Assembly and understand it from the perspective of a particular nation-state. Moreover, they must learn how to negotiate effectively behind the scenes as well as articulate a point of view before an informed audience employing the rules and procedures of multilateral diplomacy. Model UN students discover that it is essential to do their homework, understand the interests of multiple actors, and deal respectfully with others in order to achieve "win-win" negotiation results. These experiences enhance their appreciation of contemporary international issues from a global perspective in our increasingly interdependent world. Moreover, these skills as learned and practiced can be applied in numerous areas of life beyond the academic setting.

The WSU program hosts the Northern Utah Model United Nations (NUMUN) for high school students on campus each spring. For the past 10 years, our students have been chairs, judges and organizers for the 150 high school attendees. NUMUN coordinates its format with the Utah state high school MUN program to permit delegates a simulation experience in preparation for the state MUN conference.

In addition, we have represented WSU at the Model United Nations of the Far West for over 40 years.  Each year we select a team of delegates to attend the 4 day conference in San Francisco which draws approximately 400 college students from across the nation (U of Southern California, U of Washington, Stanford U, Cal Poly, U.S. Air Force Academy, and U of California - Berkeley, among others) as well as from universities in Russia, Canada and the Philippines.  WSU has recently represented the U.K., Mexico, India, and Ghana.  Five WSU delegates have been selected as "Rapporteur" (outstanding committee delegate): Steve Clemmons  (‘94), Cole Crittenden (‘97), Andrea Sutton (‘98), Jefferson Boswell (‘03), and Ryan Jessen (‘08).
The MUN experience prepares students for careers in the State Department’s Foreign Service (Jeremy Barnum, ‘05 and Eric Lund, ‘00); service in the Peace Corps (Jason Stout, ‘06 Dani Grigsby, ‘06 and Patrick Neeley, ‘07); as well as graduate school and law school.   
Since 2004, we have received 4 annual tuition waivers for our most outstanding Model UN students.