Department Chair Welcome


I would like to invite you to explore the world of physics by becoming acquainted with the Department of Physics at Weber State University.

We are all curious about the world in which we find ourselves. In particular, physicists try to find out what makes our world work the way it does: why planets orbit the sun, why the sun shines, why the wind blows, and why the rain falls. In short, we want to know everything we can about the basic physical laws of nature, from the tiniest elementary particles to the universe itself, and everything in between. If you have this insatiable curiosity and the ability to understand and use mathematics, I would recommend exploring a career in the exciting and challenging field of physics.

This Web site is intended to give an overview of the department to anyone interested in pursuing a career in physics. We are proud to have a highly qualified faculty with significant expertise and experience in a variety of physics fields. The faculty are committed to serving the educational needs of the students and stand ready to assist you with your planning.

Please feel free to contact me or any of the other faculty members in our department if you have any questions or concerns pertaining to our programs or your plans for studying physics.

Best wishes as you begin or continue your study of physics.

Bradley W. Carroll, Department Chair