Program Highlights:

Our CAPES! program along with our students from PEP 3660 (adaptive physical education) and EDUC 2010 (human exceptionality) recently made it on the news for their achievements in working with children with disabilities. Congratulations to our students and faculty that have worked so hard to bring CAPES! to life. 

Check out the news story here

You can read more about CAPES! here

Student of the Month Nominations: 

You can nominate your classmates for Physical Education/Coaching “Student of the Month”

Has a student in your program shown:
Leadership and/or Responsibility?
Good work ethic and/or Diligence?
Do they contribute in class and come prepared?

Have they shown marked improvement in academic performance, and/or attitude?
Do they help others?
Are they a positive role model?
Have they shown a great improvement in their teaching/coaching?
Have they shown an interest in improving and an eagerness to learn?
Do they demonstrate great character?
Most of all, is our program a better program because of them?


How to nominate:  
Please write a short paragraph about the student you are nominating. Using specific examples, let us know why they deserve recognition and how they are improving their program of study. Submit your entries to Dr. McGladrey ( by the 15th of each month. (Nominations will be kept anonymous.)


The student of the month will receive recognition from the program, their picture on the bulletin board, and a prize.