Mary P. Urie Piano Scholarship

In consideration of the efforts being made by Weber State University to obtain annual support for deserving students, Mary P. Urie has established the Mary P. Urie Piano Scholarship.  The scholarship award will be funded by gifts from her or by gifts from her family and friends and may be added to at any time.

Criteria:  Recipients of the Mary P. Urie Piano Scholarship award shall:

  • be currently enrolled students with a declared major or minor in keyboard pedagogy;
  • have a minimum overall GPA of 3.0;
  • be enrolled full or part time, however, preference will be given to full time students.
Uses:  The award may be used for tuition, student fees, course fees, private lessons, books, academic supplies, or other academic purposes deemed appropriate by the selection committee and department chair.  If scholarship award amounts, when combined with other sources of scholarship and financial aid, exceed tuition and fees, the student may receive a cash disbursement for the remainder of the award.  Cash disbursements must be approved by the department chair.