Kenneth M. and Hope R. Burton Memorial Scholarship in Cello

To assist outstanding cello students at Weber State University in making meaningful progress in cello mastery and in achieving their goals to give life-long service to their communities through inspiring cello performance, Jeffry R and Linda G. Burton hereby establish an endowment, to be named the Kenneth M. and Hope R. Burton Memorial Scholarship in Cello.  This scholarship endowment was inspired by Kenneth Moyle Burton who spent his life giving joy and touching soulds through his masterful cello performance, by Hope Richards Burton who dedicated her life to bringing beauty to the lives of others through the arts, and their grandson Dr. Brigham Kenneth Burton, a microbiology major at WSU who studied cello with Dr. Paul R. Joines and Dr. Viktor Uzur, performed in the WSU Symphony Orchestra, and continues to give joy and touch soulds through cello performance.

The Kenneth M. & Hope R. Burton Memorial Scholarship shall be awarded annually as follows:


  1. Recipients must be taking classes and private lessons in cello at Weber State University.
  2. Recipients may be students of any discipline and academic program at WSU; none is required to be a major or minor in music.
  3. Recipients are expected to have a history of and a goal to continue service to the community through inspirational cello performances to individuals and groups large and small, such as through the WSU Symphony Orchestra or other campus or community ensembles, through voluteer performances at hospitals, medical care facilities, educational institutions, religious institutions, hospice activities, service clubs and organizations, and through performances before small groups or individuals.
  4. Recipients must have an overall grade point average of 3.0 or higher (the cello professor may lower the GPA minimum to 2.5 at his or her discretion under exceptional circumstances).
  5. Recipients may be undergraduate or graduate students at any class level.
  6. Recipients may be resident or non-resident students.
  7. Recipients may be enrolled full or part-time.
  8. The scholarship may be awarded to the same student(s) for multiple years, as long as the recipient continues to meet the required criteria.