Parking at Weber State University

The growth of Weber State University and the increasing number of vehicles on campus make it necessary for everyone to drive and park in an orderly manner.   All staff, students, and visitors operating vehicles on campus are required to comply with the WSU Parking Rules and Regulations.  The Utah State Code grants authority to the Board of Trustees to establish parking matters on campus.   By complying with these regulations, you make life a little easier for yourself and others in the campus community.

Please call the Parking Services staff for information.  We are available to help you at the Parking Services Office, Annex 5, Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  For general information, call (801) 626-6533.



Parking permits are required Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

All vehicles parked on campus (Ogden and Davis) must display a valid parking permit except in metered areas and the pay parking lot. To be valid, a permit must be clearly visible and hang from the rear view mirror of the vehicle. We recommend that all old decals and hanging permits be removed.

Annual Parking Permits

Permits are available for purchase by salaried employees in the Spring. Student permits are available during July. A proposal through student senate enables seniors and veteran students first oportunity. Permits will be available on-line. Contact Parking Services for specific date and time.

Semester Parking Permits

Permits are available for purchase on the first day of finals for preceding semester (i.e. Spring semester permits will be available on the first day of Fall semester finals).  Contact Parking Services for specific dates.

Weekly and Daily permits

Temporary permits cost $2.00 per day or $8.00 per week. Temporary permits in the "A" parking lots will only be sold to annual or semester permit holders. "W", "R/W" and "Dee Center" permits can be purchased by anyone.

Meter and Pay Lot Parking

Meter and pay lot parking require that the fee be paid. Pay lot parking is available to anyone wishing to pay the fee; permits are not valid in the pay lot. Meters cost $1 per hour, with a one hour maximum.

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