Cooperative Ouray Ice Climbing Trip



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Pre Trip Meeting #1: December 16, 5:30pm (OP Annex9)
Trip Departure:  January 4, 2015
Trip Return:  January 8, 2015
Location:  Ouray, CO
WSU Price Estimate:  $300
Non WSU Price Estimate:  $350
Skill Level:  Beginner to Advanced
Fitness Level:  Participants must be in good physical condition.
Age:  18 yrs or older
Transport:  Yes
Equipment Provided:  Some equipment will be provided. Participants will be provided a gear list at the pre-trip meeting.
Details:  Learn the basics of ice climbing at one of the world's best ice climbing parks. Home to the famous Ouray Ice Festival, Ouray boasts some of the most spectacular waterfall ice climbing in the west. Participants can expect a lot of hands on experience and personalized instruction. All this made possible through the support of key vendors Black DiamondPetzl, and Camp. Participants will have the opportunity to use some of the best ice climbing gear on the market.

Mandatory  Pre Trip Meeting #2 will be held Dec. 16, at 5:30 PM at the OP (Annex 9). An exception will be made for participants who register late. Participants must be willing to meet at a more convenient time designated by the trip leaders to finalize trip details. 

Registration is required at or before the pre-trip meeting unless prior arrangements have been made. Please use the online forms, call, or stop by to register.


A cooperative adventure trip is four or more individuals working cooperatively for common goals; and sharing all expenses, decision-making, and responsibilities as equitably as possible.The purpose is to enable people with similar interests to gather and recreate together, to introduce new people to the outdoors, and to provide outdoor learning opportunities.

These trips are governed by four key principles:

  1. Group planning and organization
  2. Sharing knowledge and experience
  3. Individual assumption of risk
  4. Democratic leadership


Please register at least 24 hrs in advance

  • Call us at (801) 626-6373 to register OR
  • Email us OR
  • Stop by: 3301 University Circle, Ogden, UT, 84408 OR
  • Register Online


Assumption of Risk Form - General: Download PDF

Cooperative Adventure Overview: Download PDF