Campus Rec Outdoor Program

How to Rent

Walk in rentals are are accepted during normal hours of operation (we are located in Annex 9, 41st and Taylor, on the WSU Campus) - or - you may call and reserve your equipment over the phone (801-626-6373).

Community Rentals

Community members are welcome to rent, however there is cost difference (WSU / Public).

Payments and Deposits

Payment in full and a deposit is due at time of reservation or rental. Deposit may be either a credit card (all major cards accepted) or a valid WSU ID (must be presented in person). Deposit will be charged for dirty, damaged, late, or missing equipment within 10 days if other arrangements are not made.

Multi day rentals

1 or 2 day rental= 1 x daily rate
3 day rental= Free Pick-up day and 2 days at daily rate.= 2 x daily rate
4,5,6 day rental= Free Pick-up day and 50% off return rate.= (# of days -1.5) x daily rate
7 day rental= Free Pick-up day and 1 free return day.= 5 x daily rate
8+ day of rental= Free Pick-up day and 1.5 free returndays.= (# of days - 2.5) x daily rate

Forms and Contacts

Name on the Deposit and Rental contract must be the same. Individual named on contract must be present at time of pick-up or items will not be released.

Discount Eligibility

To receive discounted rates individual named on contract must possess a valid WSU ID or WSU Alumni Membership.

Refusal of Service

The WSU Outdoor Program reserves the right to refuse service to any individual(s) who we believe may endanger themselves or others or will otherwise use rental equipment improperly and in any manner not in compliance with manufactures' standards.

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