Adventure Program Staff

"Working with the Adventure Program is a great way to meet new people, have fun and develop new skills."

Many of our Adventure Program staff come to us with little or no skill but lots of potential and motivation. If you already have lots of skill and experience in teaching in the outdoors we have a place for you as well.

Typical Progression for Staff

  • Complete an application with Human Resources and come in for an informal interview. Choose to work as and adventure programs trip leader.
  • Attend new staff training offered twice a year:
    Fall/ Spring Adventure Programs Basics
    For dates and information please call Tim Nguyen the Assistant Coordinator of the Outdoor Program 801-626-7904
  • Complete your post training interview with Coordinator or Assistant Coordinator. During this interview Supervisor will evaluate your performance during the training and place you in a staff roll appropriately based on skill level and abilities.
  • Over time and with experience staff move along this developmental chain. Trainings to help with your development are provided throughout the year: Wilderness First Aid, CPR, Assist in leading trips in a variety of outdoor skills, etc.
  • Staff may also take on additional leadership responsibilities within the other three areas at the Outdoor Program. Rental Tech, Climbing Wall Attendant, Challenge Course Facilitator.

How do I Apply?

Complete an application with WSU Human Recourses. Stop into the Outdoor Program located in annex 9 and complete an outdoor skills oriented application. A manager will give you a call shortly after receiving your completed applications for an informal interview. We take applications year round, but we hire based on the spring and fall trip leader training.


Courses are run on an instructor basis have a starting salary $8.00 per hour depending on course and content.


Call 801-626-7904 and ask for the Assistant Coordinator

Employment Status

Part Time, on a course-by-course and hourly basis.


  • Free WRC Adventure Program Trainings for leadership experience and skill development
  • Discounts on certification courses (wilderness medical, swift water rescue, single pitch instructor, etc)
  • Paid Opportunities for leading certain courses/workshops
  • Discounts on outdoor equipment purchases (bro-form, pro deals)
  • Discount on WRC rentals
  • Go on trips for free
  • Meet new people with similar interests.
  • Learn valuable leadership skills.
  • Acquire and improve your outdoor skill set
  • And more…

Instructor Responsbilites

  • Works as part of a team to instruct/lead clients in a variety of outdoor related topics, skills, team building programs or recreational experiences.
    • Assists clients and co-instructors as needed.
      • Clients may consist of students, faculty, families and/or children.
    • Creates and maintains an open and supportive learning environment.
    • Actively participates and contributes in course orientation and development periods, meetings, and evaluation sessions as scheduled.
    • Become familiar with and adhere to the WRC Curriculums, WRC Standards of Practice, and other materials deemed appropriate.
    • Establish the necessary rapport with clients in order to develop familiarity with their skill development and/or recreational experience. Assist clients with any problems.
    • Lead instructors are responsible for completing and submitting all required course paperwork. Assistant Instructors may be asked to assist in these duties.
  • Takes responsibility for safety of clients, equipment, vehicles, and other resources.
    • Responsible for maintaining safe, clean, and properly working equipment.
    • Responsible for creating and maintaining a safe learning environment. This includes both physical and mental safety.
    • Initiate appropriate rescue response and/or the administration of first aid during course related emergencies.
  • Ensures all required certifications and skills are kept current and in good standing. This includes first aid, CPR, and a valid Driver’s License.
  • Adheres to Weber State University policies and procedures.
  • Perform other duties and specific course responsibilities as assigned.

Required Minimum Qualifications for Adventure Program Staff

Must have potential leadership skills and experience working with adults and/or children. Ability to make independent decisions. Ability to perform physical tasks in an outdoor environment in all weather conditions. Teaching skills. Ability to clearly and concisely communicate both verbally and in writing. Must be 18 years of age or older. A minimum of current First Aid and Adult CPR is required to actively work. Must possess a valid driver’s license by start of program and have a good driving record. Must be able to work evenings and weekends. Instructors need significant experience and skill with at least one outdoor activity. Current Wilderness First Aid and Adult CPR is required for instructors working in remote locations.

For Program Registration 
Call: 801-626-6373
Assumption of Risk Form - General: Download PDF

Cooperative Adventure Overview: Download PDF