On Track To Graduation

Here are some helpful tutorials to make sure you stay on track to graduation.

  Getting Started
How to reach your academic goals.
  Academic Advising
Get advice on courses that will lead you to graduation.
  Final Steps for Graduation
You've completed all your requirements. Learn about the final steps you need to take before receiving that diploma.

  15 to Finish
It's important to take 15 credits every semester to ensure you finish your degree on time.

CatTracks/Degree Evaluation Help

  Introduction to CatTracks
Learn about CatTracks and how it can help you stay on track to graduation.
  Degree Evaluation Tool
Learn how to understand the degree evaluation tool so you know how close you are to graduation.
  What-If Tool
Use this tool to see what classes you would need to complete "if" you decided to change your program of study.

Registration Tutorials

  Registering for Classes
Learn how to use your student portal to sign up for classes.
Is the course you want already full? Learn how the waitlist feature can help provide an opportunity to register.
  Dropping Classes
Do you need to change your class schedule? Find out how to drop courses once you've registered for them.