Developmental Math

Welcome nontraditional students. We want you to know that Developmental Math doesn’t have to be impossible. As a nontraditional student you have overcome many barriers and obstacles to get here today. Don’t let Math get in your way. You can do this!

Tapping into the tutoring support at WSU can make all the difference. At the Nontraditional Student Center we have worked with the Academic Support Centers and Programs and invested time and money to provide a Developmental Math Tutor specifically for nontraditional students like you.

Tutoring makes a difference! It is free and available at varying times at both the Ogden and Davis Campus.

 Schedule a tutoring appointment with one of our tutors

The Nontrad Center offers Developmental Math Tutoring (Math 0950-1010) through one-on-one scheduled appointments (one-hour blocks). Appointments can be scheduled back-to-back. Walk-ins are accepted if no one has scheduled an appointment during that time. Students will be asked to schedule that time to avoid overlap with other appointments.  

Please contact the Nontrad Center at 801-626-7794 to schedule an appointment or cancel an appointment. After three no-shows, student will no longer be able to use the service. Students arriving 15 minutes late may be asked to reschedule.

Math Program Resources

Everyone at WSU is committed to helping students like you succeed in Math. You can read testimonials and learn more about the Math Programs by visiting the following pages.

Nontrad Student Center: 801-626-7794