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Nontraditional Student Center recognizes WSU faculty and staff have a significant impact on the life of every student on campus because they have the most direct contact with students on a day to day basis. At Weber State, nontraditional aged students constitute approximately 57% of the student body. Adult Learners, Adult Students, and Nontraditional Students are terms that are used interchangeably in reference to adult students who are:

  • 25 years of age or older
  • married or divorced
  • have legal dependents
  • disabled
  • veteran

Many of them return to school to improve their job skills or change in careers. Some are here because they experience a life transition and are embarking on a new direction in life. For whatever reason they choose to attend WSU, they bring with them a wealth of experience and some unique qualities to the student body. Adult students tend to be:

  • Highly Motivated: self directed and focused on goals
  • Able to juggle multiple responsibilities: family, work, and personal needs
  • Problem Solvers: prior experience in work, relationships, and parenting have strengthened problem solving skills
  • Concerned about fitting in with traditional students: feelings of isolation, self-doubt, anxiety and fear

Ways faculty and staff can help:

Familiarize yourself with the services and programs Nontraditional Student Center has to offer students. If a nontraditional student is struggling with transitioning to student life, they can meet one-on-one with a peer mentor or staff member to discuss their issues and concerns and find resources for them.

Instructing/ Advising Nontraditional Students:

Nontraditional students appreciate clear and direct instruction and time commitment for assignments. Be sensitive for their desire to earn their degree as quickly as possible. Provide group work where nontraditonal and traditional students can interact and work together. Nontraditional students come from diverse backgrounds and seek to integrate their past experience with their present experience as a student. Encourage them to share their experiences and get to know other students.

Supporting and facilitating success for Nontraditional Students:

Encourage these students to get involved with a club or organization. Not only will this enrich their lives as students, also most events are free or low-cost and often times families are welcome as well. Students can be on our e-mail group and receive announcements weekly about events and ways to get involved on campus. 

We welcome faculty and staff to stop by and visit with our staff. We support the role faculty and staff play in the academic success of all WSU students. 


Ogden Campus

Location on Campus:
Shepherd Union Building
Room 322
Phone: 801-626-7794

Mailing Address:
Nontraditional Student Center
3910 West Campus Dr DEPT 2128
Ogden, UT 84408-2128

Mon - Fri  7:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Se Habla Español:
Lunes a Viernes 
12 p.m a las 1 p.m.

Summer hours vary.

Hourly Childcare


Mon - Fri  6:45 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Ages 2-9 years old.
Pre-enrollment Required


Ogden Campus Only

Davis Campus

2750 N.University Park Blvd.
Layton, Utah 84041

Mondays through Fridays 
9:30 a.m. - 5:20 p.m.
Location: D2, Room 307
Phone: 801-395-3464

Se Habla Español:
Lunes, Miercoles y Viernes 
9:30 a.m a las 12:00 p.m.

Advisor Hours
Tuesday 9 a.m. - Noon
Thursday 12:30 - 2 p.m.
Location: D2, Room 257
Phone: 801-395-3460


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