******Brain Awareness Week 2014******

Weber State University
Neuroscience Program's
2014 Brain Awareness Week Report

2014 Committee Members:
Max George and Desirae Wood
Organizational Directors: 
Houda Nizam, Taylor Frost, and Ben Eschler
Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Matthew Schmolesky
Staff Coordinators:
Briana Stutzmann and Misty Maestas

     Weber State University volunteer directors developed engaging and interactive presentations for 2014 Brain Awareness Week that focused on a range of brain related topics including: brain anatomy and function, mild traumatic brain injury and other forms of brain damage, helmet safety, and sensation and perception.

     Alternate versions of the presentations were created for the varying age groups and schools (elementary, junior high, high school), so that the learning material was age appropriate and comprehensive. 
The majority of students who participated in our Brain Awareness Week  presentations were from Title 1 (disadvantaged) schools. This was a great opportunity and experience for these students, schools, and the volunteers.

     The 2014 WSU volunteers attended several meetings prior to presenting and became familiar with the presentation materials that were made available online. The volunteers presented a total of 47 sessions, including 17 sessions in one day at six different schools, and it is estimated that over 1200 students, ranging from grades K to 12 were taught valuable brain related concepts from these presentations. The number of students per sessions ranged from 20-40 students. Interactive models and materials were used during each session.

     The high school and junior high the students were able to perform a group sheep brain dissection (3-5 students per group), which was demonstrated and instructed by a WSU volunteer that was familiar with brain anatomy and function.  Although, the elementary schools were not able to participate in the brain dissections, the students were able to observe and interact with sheep and pig brains with proper supervision from the volunteers to ensure safety procedures were followed.  Pamphlets and handouts were available for the students and prizes were given away as incentives for student participation during and after the presentations.

     WSU Brain Awareness Week for 2014 was a great success, however, it would not have been possible without our volunteers, our sponsors, students, faculty, and staff of WSU.

     The Neuroscience faculty and staff would like to continue to grow and develop the program, Brain Awareness Week, and foster relationships with potential Neuroscience students, and build stronger ties to our community.

    We would like to acknowledge and give special thanks to the EZ Hall Grant, the Dana Alliance, the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, and our distinguished Dean, Francis B. Harrold.



2014 BAW
Committee Members:

Max George
Desirae Wood

Organizational Directors: 
Houda Nizam
Taylor Frost
Ben Eschler

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Matthew Schmolesky

Staff Coordinators:
Briana Stutzmann
Misty Maestas
2014 BAW 
Outreach Stats:

47 Sessions
19 Volunteers
13 Schools & Organizations

The Boys and Girls Club
Odyssey Elementary
Ogden Teen Club
Roy Teen Club
Ogden Outreach
North Davis Jr High
Utah Virtual Academy
Washington High School Bountiful High School
Roy Jr High Boulton Elementary
North Park Elementary Ogden Prep Academy
Ogden Outreach