Student Training Employment Program & Services (STEPS)

The Center for Multicultural Excellence has many student employment positions for WSU students that encourage engagement and participation on campus. These positions give students real-world job experience and the opportunity to help peers navigate through the university experience.

If the positions are open, you will find them on If you do not see a position currently open but are interested, please contact our office: 801-626-7330 |


Web/Graphic Designer

Students are hired in this position to help the department with their website and graphic designs. Students will need at least one year of experience in their program and a portfolio to show some work they have done.


  • Consistently update the Multicultural website with new events, scholarship information,pictures, important dates, policy and procedure changes, etc.
  • Provide updates on website pertaining to CME area council events, meetings, scholarship opportunities, etc
  • Website is free of grammatical and spelling errors
  • Graphic designs are completed at least two week before each event
  • Link other campus resource sites to CME website for easy use for users
  • Designs are completed with no grammatical or spelling errors
  • Communicates effectively with supervisor and Marketing Specialist to ensure events are marketed appropriately and effectively
  • Creates the CME monthly newsletter
  • Attend ongoing training sessions with Administrative Web Developers to stay current on software updates and security
  • Creates marketing material for Tasty Thursday
  • Creates poster for any events in the CME or Area Councils
  • Employee met all criteria and competencies required for all STEPS employees

Marketing Specialist

The Marketing Specialist is hired to promote the Center for Multicultural Excellence. The Student should have at least one year of experience in their field or can use this position as their internship towards graduation.


  • Work with designated staff members to work on marketing budget including proposals
  • Utilize social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., to promote and market upcoming events for the CME, its area councils, and Weber State events on an ongoing basis
  • Market events two weeks in advance to give students and campus employees time to plan
  • Utilizes Weber State marketing resources for promoting events, such as marquees, television mojitos in the Union Building, Weber State online bulletin board, etc.
  • Post flyers and posters around campus at least two weeks prior to each event
  • Communicates with supervisor about any ideas on how to help promote the department more effectively, such as pens, t-shirts, brochures, table covers, banners, etc.
  • When applicable, sends text messages about events through Weber State text message system to students who are signed up to receive text
  • Meets regularly with Data Specialist to learn about the amount of students who attend events to understand if marketing was effective or could be improved
  • Responsible for reaching out to students to learn about what they would like to see advertised or what media sites they use more often to find out about events and information
  • Communicates effectively with supervisor and Web/Graphic Designer to ensure events are marketed appropriately and effectively
  • Employee met all criteria and competencies required for all STEPS employees

Data Specialist

The Data Specialist is responsible for collecting data for the CME from events, meetings, trainings, workshops, intake folders, monthly outcomes, etc. The student should have at least one year of experience in their field of study.


  • Create forms and spreadsheet to collect data
  • Forms created for all Multicultural sponsored events
  • Spreadsheets are created to collect data from employees, such as monthly outcomes, weekly meetings, volunteer hours, events, senate meetings, and wellness activities
  • Attend ongoing meeting and trainings relevant to data collection or information technology to remain up-to-date with technology and software changes
  • Recommend improvements with data collection systems within the CME department
  • Assist CME staff and personnel on how to effectively collect information required for data collection
  • Work closely with the Student Affairs Assessment department to learn how to collect and organize information for reporting purposes
  • Provide trainings to the CME staff and STEPS employees on how to utilize Google Chrome and its applications, such as Calendar, Drive, Gmail, etc.
  • Send information regarding the CME department to listserv groups on a weekly or monthly basis depending on information and upcoming opportunities
  • Send "thank you" emails to all participants who signed in at events the following day or beginning of the next week
  • Communicate effectively with supervisor and Marketing Specialist to ensure information from events is shared in a timely manner to learn about the statistics and what to improve
  • Employee met all criteria and competencies required for all STEPS employees


Mentoring Positions

  • Peer Assistant (freshmen and sophomore students)
    Peer Assistants are hired as entry-level positions and critical to the operations of the Center. Student employees will learn about the CME before taking on mentoring responsibilities. If a Peer Assistant wants to achieve the level of Peer Mentor, they have to demonstrate competency in the skills and tasks outlined in the STEPS Employment How-to-Guide throughout their first and second year of employment.
  • Peer Mentor (junior and senior students)
    A student employee can become a Peer Mentor when he or she has meet all knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA’s) as a Peer Assistant. Student employees can be hired on as Peer Mentors without having been Peer Assistants by demonstrating high-level support and guidance to students.
  • Team Lead (junior and senior students)
    A student employee can become a Team Lead when he or she has met or exceeded all KSA’s as a Peer Mentor. The student employee must be selected and approved by his or her supervisor, professional staff, and director to become a Team Lead.