Multicultural Student Services




  • University and MSC orientation
  • Student advocacy and adjustment
  • Peer mentorships
  • Student leader advisement
  • Leadership development
  • Senate/Area Council advisement

I Want To Be A Mentor

  • Peer Assistant (freshmen and sophomore students)
    Peer Assistants are hired as entry-level positions and critical to the operations of the Center. Student employees will learn about the MSC before taking on mentoring responsibilities. If a Peer Assistant wants to achieve the level of Peer Mentor, they have to demonstrate competency in the skills and tasks outlined in the STEPS Employment How-to-Guide throughout their first and second year of employment.
  • Peer Mentor (junior and senior students)
    A student employee can become a Peer Mentor when he or she has meet all knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA’s) as a Peer Assistant. Student employees can be hired on as Peer Mentors without having been Peer Assistants by demonstrating high-level support and guidance to students.
  • Team Lead (junior and senior students)
    A student employee can become a Team Lead when he or she has met or exceeded all KSA’s as a Peer Mentor. The student employee must be selected and approved by his or her supervisor, professional staff, and director to become a Team Lead.

Look for open mentor positions with MSC on the WSU jobs website:


  • Applying to WSU
  • Applying for financial aid, FAFSA, scholarships
  • Registering for classes
  • Class scheduling
  • Study assistance

Personal Counseling

  • Race, cultural and ethnic issues
  • Personal problems
  • Home and family issues
    (All acute cases are referred to the Counseling Center)

Career Counseling

  • Internship opportunities
  • Workforce preparation
  • Letters of recommendation