Center for Multicultural Excellence Staff

Stephanie Quinn | Advisor

  Education: B.S. in Sociology with a minor in Psychology
Years at MSC: 2
Hometown: Clinton, Utah
Why is being a part of the Center important to you?
The CME has helped me from the very beginning of my college career.  I met Jeff Simons at the freshmen orientation session that I attended.  The first time I visited the center, Coleen helped me get a scholarship and Jeff helped me register for classes and become involved with the American Indian Council.  From there, I became employed as a Peer Mentor and now I have progressed to being an Advisor / Student Specialist.  I want to pay it forward and provide students with the same caring assistance that helped me when I was a student.  
What do you recommend that WSU multicultural students use the Center?
Like many other multicultural students, I was a first generation college student.  I knew practically nothing about college and the CME really helped me become familiar with what I needed to do to be successful in school, from filling out the FAFSA to becoming involved in student government.  If you have questions, the center most likely has the answers! 
What do you like most about working for the Center?
What I enjoy most about working for the center is seeing students of all cultural backgrounds work together and build lasting friendships.  Being the curious Sociologist that I am, I also enjoy meeting new people and learning more about the students’ cultural beliefs, values, and traditions. 
Spending time with friends and family, dancing, exercising, hiking, writing, reading, going to baseball games during the summer, going to powwows, hair, skincare, and makeup.