Center for Multicultural Excellence Staff

James Painter  | Data Specialist


I grew up in Riverton Utah on the south side of Salt Lake County. I have 4 brothers, no sisters, and I am the oldest.  As a boy I played baseball and soccer. As a soccer player it became a lot more time consuming and demanding and I decided that I would stick to only playing soccer. I played club soccer for about 16 years. I lettered for high school when I was a freshman. My years through high school I was taught to work hard and play hard because one way or another I had to become responsible for myself. During the years after high school I decided to go to work for a commercial masonry company. We built large buildings like the Price Expo Center and the Highway Patrol building for Salt Lake Community College. It was a good job, but bad environment. I decided to go into software development after doing commercial masonry. My father built a company from the ground up that had to do with document management systems for cities and counties around the United States. The company name was SIRE Technologies and it developed and sold the software. I worked there for 5 years and I was taught by programmers and software engineers. It gave me a taste of what I really wanted to do for a career. I loved the logic in it. Making things work successfully by using my smarts. Working there also showed me how important college was so I could see the bigger picture of things. There were things at college I just couldn’t learn on the job. So when the opportunity showed itself I took full advantage and quit my job at SIRE Technologies and decided that I would get Bachelors in Computer science degree. I have never looked back since, even though it has not been easy to get where I am today. I look forward for what there is to come.