Center for Multicultural Excellence Mission

The Center for Multicultural Excellence is committed to planning, developing and implementing services, programs and interventions that foster the learning and personal development of the various students served. The Center for Multicultural Excellence promotes a strong campus sense of common community and aids students in building essential skills for independent critical thinking and self-determination through in and out of classroom experiences. Furthermore, through collaborative efforts with university and community partners, the Center for Multicultural Excellence provides educational efforts to promote multicultural sensitivity, awareness, competency, and understanding.


Goals of the Center for Multicultural Excellence support the Division of Student Affairs' goals and align with the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education - CAS Standards and Guidelines: Minority Student Programs.

  1. Assess and prioritize the needs of students.
  2. Assist students to determine academic skills.
  3. Establish education goals.
  4. Orient students to the culture of the university
  5. Provide support services to assist students
  6. Help students refine academic skills
  7. Promote their holistic development through a variety of ways
    • by participation in clubs and organizations
    • involvement in community service projects
    • assistance in academic performance when needed
    • recognition for academic excellence
    • providing plenty of social activities throughout the semesters for all of the groups and the unit as a whole.
  8. Promote leadership opportunities for students through partnership with other campus entities. Identify potential mentors and encourage participation with role models.
  9. Provide educational opportunities to the campus community that promote cultural awareness and sensitivity and encourage cultural competency.