Events and Activities | Spring Semester 2014

February 2014

Hidden Cultures Hispanics in Utah

When: Feb 24
Where:Fireplace Lounge
Time:1:30-3 pm

February Black History Month Blast

When: February 3
Where:Student Union Atrium 
Time: 8am - 2 pm 

Tasty Thursday-Europe

When:February 27
Where: Student  Services Building Suite 150
Time: 11am-2pm



March 2014

Mardi Gras
When: March 3
Where: Union Atrium
Time: 9am-2pm

Eltavisa Begay-Navajo Nation Scholarship
When: March 25
Where: Student Services Bldg
Room 152
Time: 3:30-4:45pm
Food will be provided

April 2014

Tasty Thursday-Antartica

When:April 17
Where: Student  Services Building Suite 150
Time: 11am-2pm

Who Not What
A photovoice Exploration into LGBTQA
student perceptions at Weber State University
When:April 11-25, 2014
Where:Bridge Gallery-Shepherd Union Building

Dining For Dollars 

When:April 10
Where: Sonora Grill
2310 S. Kiesel Ave,Ogden

Time: 7am-9pm

Hidden Culture: Religion & Spirituality
When:April 7
Where:Fireplace Lounge
Time: 1:30- 3 pm
No cost

Hispanic Area Council
Kick It for Higher Ed Soccer Tournament

When: April 12
Where:Ogden 12th street Soccer Complex
Time: 8:30 am - 5 pm
COST: $150 / team or $15 per person
Competitive & recreational
Spectator admission: FREE for spectators
More information

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