Multicultural Center Staff

Eveni Suli Tafiti | Multicultural Counselor

What I like most about working in the center is witnessing student success. Making a difference in a student's life. The satisfaction of seeing students complete their tasks in achieving their educational goals. Finding and making new friends.

Education:  B.S.W - Social Work ; MAED/ECN - Educational Counseling

Years at MSC: July 2003 - Present

Hometown: Lotopa Apia, Samoa


Why is being a part of the Center important to you?
It is important to me because of the opportunity to help motivate and encourage multicultural students to succeed. It gives me a place to belong with minority students and share our stories of who we are.

What do you recommend that WSU multicultural students use the Center?
I recommend multicultural students uses the center to share their stories, create new friendships, get useful resources, learn new skills, get motivated to be successful in school and life. To share with others and learn from others.
Hobbies: My hobbies are: Personal and Family Histories, genealogy search, sports, dancing, reading, writing inspirational thoughts, and sharing my life stories.