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Carey Francis | Black Scholars United Advisor


Education:  Bachelor's of Fine Arts, 2D Emphasis, Weber State University 2012.

Years at MSC: September 2012 - Present

Hometown:  Austin Texas


Why is being a part of the Center important to you?
The reason I like being a part of the MSC is because I like to help people and I love being around people. Most of the time if I see something positive
in a person I like to bring that out in that person

What do you recommend that WSU multicultural students use the Center?
The reason why students should use the MSC is because of the information that can be attained and students get to experience a different kind of life style in a school setting.

What do you like most about working for the Center?
The most thing I like about working in the MSC is that,  I stay busy and I'm able to advance what I  have learned in the Arts. Create a postive energy for the students.

Hobbies:  I have several hobbies of course I like painting at my studio. I like to play chess and I like to sew. Also i like driving trucks and listening to R&B and TuPac Shukur.

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